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About Us

ABOUT TFT Controls

Serving the Nation Since 2011

TFT Controls (Pvt) Ltd., a sister concerned company of Koldware Industries Pvt. Ltd., has been a driving force in the realm of electrical and electronics since 1986. Our legacy is one of innovation, expertise, and a relentless commitment to delivering cutting-edge Industrial Automation and Control solutions. As a trusted name in the industry, we provide services ranging from PLC programming and Logic Control to HMI integration, Solar Energy solutions, and seamless synchronization with Grid and Generators. With a proven track record, TFT Controls is the preferred partner for Automation and maintenance services, collaborating with numerous renowned companies.


Why We Are Different

TFT Controls stands out in the industry as a beacon of reliability and innovation. Our unique blend of experience, cutting-edge technology, and client-centric philosophy sets us apart.


Our vision is to be the leading force in industrial automation and control solutions, empowering industries to achieve their highest potential through innovation and precision engineering.


We are on a mission to provide our clients with unparalleled automation solutions that drive efficiency, productivity, and sustainability. Our unwavering commitment to excellence fuels every endeavor, ensuring your success is our ultimate goal.

Our Objectives

Pioneering Progress Together

  • Establish TFT Controls as the preferred Industrial Automation Solutions Provider in Pakistan.
  • Deliver optimal solutions with pre-sale and after-sale customer support.
  • Elevate our market niche in Pakistan’s industrial sector, year after year.

Your Success, Our Methodology

With a project management approach aligned with PMI procedures, we ensure scope management, resource optimization, quality, and on-time delivery.


Understanding requirements, planning resources, and budgeting.


Crafting engagement policies and finalizing project requirements.

Commissioning & Field Testing

Real-world deployment with meticulous testing.


Project execution, hardware procurement, software development.

Factory Testing

Thorough testing to ensure requirements and standards are met.

Field Installation

Installation of control panels, instrumentation, and cabling.

Process Knowledge

Expertise in commissioning, designing, and implementing automation solutions based on deep process knowledge.

Industrial Domain Knowledge

Familiarity with automation and information systems applications at both plant floor and enterprise levels.

Software Engineering

Modular software design, meticulous documentation, and customization based on clients' unique requirements.

Expertise in Key Technologies

Mastery in web-based solutions, automation platforms, data exchange protocols, and databases.

Design Capabilities

Experienced engineers and modern design tools ensure designs meet international standards.

Workshop Facility

State-of-the-art panel assembly and testing facility for reliable solutions.


Our Cherished Clients

Building Lasting Partnerships

We are honored to partner with esteemed clients across various industries. Their trust in our services is a testament to our commitment to excellence and reliability.

Your Journey to Excellence Begins Here

Get in touch with our team of experts and embark on a journey towards optimized efficiency, reliability, and innovation.

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